With a new year come new tips for the efficient pizzeria. Enter ROTOPIZZA a rotating preparation table for pizzerias available in three different sizes, depending on the amount of pizzas you want to make at a time (four to six pizzas at a time) and space available. The prep table is available in three models of three different sizes (120, 130 and 140 cm). The size should be chosen based on the size of the kitchen, and the desired workflow and target production volumes. In addition to being able to choose the perfect size for the perfect fit, this rotating prep table offers even more value with the ability to be folded up and moved out of the way in few moments, in order to leave room for the dough mixer, for example, which occupies a considerable amount of space!

The ROTOPIZZA is one of the most valuable elements for a modern and efficient pizzeria. In fact, ROTOPIZZA reduces customers’ wait times by up to 30 minutes, thanks to greater efficiency of staff, which no longer has to go back and forth so much in the kitchen. This new rotating preparation table gives you increased work speeds, meaning cold beer, wine and soft drinks. With an average 40-minute wait at peak hours in normal pizzerias with non-rotating prep tables, customers’ drinks become warm during the wait (imagine at peak hours when all the customers are eager to get their hot steamy pizza, and be refreshed by their drinks). Another key advantage of ROTOPIZZA is the comfort it offers to pizza chefs since it’s built at just the right height, reducing fatigue and the typical back problems of this line of work!
ROTOPIZZA is state-of-the-art equipment for anyone looking to open a pizzeria today, created by someone who makes pizza for a living and is passionate about their work! This innovative piece of equipment is easy to take apart and move, allowing staff to clean the kitchen area better. And in the case of a relocation, it’s easy to fold and take wherever you need. ROTOPIZZA is the ultimate efficiency solution for pizzerias. No pizza chef will want to live without it!

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