In 2016, a good pizza maker needs to have the right equipment to open a new restaurant, from the oven which can be either wood, gas powered or electric, to the dough mixer, to the pizza peel and the prep table.
The necessary equipment for opening a pizzeria needs to be of excellent quality, made of the right materials, and suited for the locale it will be employed in.
Pizzerias don’t come in standard sizes, and vary significantly by their location, as well as whether they are take-out or dine-in. These factors as well as others determine the kind of space which is available for pizza preparation and baking. It goes without saying that the more space available, the easier it will be to create a versatile environment which personnel and customers can move about in and feel at ease in.

For this reason, it’s important to talk about the tools that are needed in a pizzeria today, in 2016, when owners don’t have too much to spend but still want to do a nice job and make their customers happy, and why not their employees too. This is where ROTOPIZZA comes into play, an indispensable tool in terms of space and time optimization. ROTOPIZZA is a rotating preparation table which facilitates the pizza-making process, minimizing make-times from stretching out the dough, to topping off pizzas, to getting them to the oven. Why do you need this rotating prep table? Because it acts as a guarantee in terms of savings and it’s better to own the best tools available when looking to open a new pizzeria that is optimally set up to exhibit positive characteristics of a larger workspace even where there’s not much room to work with. This is possible thanks to the fact that ROTOPIZZA can be easily folded up at the end of the day and stored out of the way, something unthinkable with standard rectangular prep tables.
This rotating prep table is surely in first place on the pyramid of must-have materials needed for starting a pizzeria. ROTOPIZZA lets you optimize labour as well, as it requires the crew to keep a steady work pace because of its continuous rotation. This ensures that customers won’t have to wait very long even if there are several large groups to take care of at thus same time, thus minimizing complaints.

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