To meet all their customers’ needs, pizzerias often also have a restaurant kitchen for pasta dishes, meat and seafood dishes, sides and especially desserts. The reality in such set-ups, is a lot of confusion with the pizza kitchen often operating at a different pace from the restaurant kitchen; the restaurant kitchen may have to wait for pizzas to get done or vice-versa. Too often, for example, pasta is in the final stages of getting pan-tossed with the sauce, just as pizzas for the same order begin to be prepared and put in the oven.

How then can you get the pizza kitchen and the restaurant kitchen to work more hand in hand? With ROTOPIZZA of course! If you want to synchronize restaurant kitchen times and pizzeria kitchen times, ROTOPIZZA is the essential and irreplaceable tool devised by those who really know about cookery and pizza making! To synchronize make-times between the pizza kitchen and the restaurant kitchen it’s necessary that employees be trained in terms of timing will not being hindered by their co-workers who are often operating in the same restricted workspace.
To synchronize cooking and pizza making times, ROTOPIZZA leverages its constant-speed rotating system to make pizza chefs work more harmoniously and pushes them to work at the same speed, and therefore doesn’t make the restaurant kitchen wait too long. ROTOPIZZA reduces the time restaurant chefs spend waiting for the OK to get started on, say, pasta dishes, by about 30 minutes, as well as the time customers have to wait at the table. Thanks to the greater efficiency of staff, it’s no longer necessary for cooks to run to and fro in the kitchen as much, reducing stress and tedium. In the kitchens where restaurant and pizza chefs work, very often there are also waiters going around to bring orders to the kitchen and pick up customers’ dishes and drinks as they get ready to serve. Now they no longer have to wait and get caught up in arguments with customers who have been waiting too long. With synchronized times between the pizza kitchen and the restaurant kitchen, no one will have to wait any longer, be it customers or staff, thus increasing overall productivity, quality and of course, revenue!

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