“When’s my pizza coming?!” It’s the classic question parents hear when going out for pizza in with the family when all they’d like is for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. However, it can be far from relaxing during peak hours, when it may take a long time to get a pizza, often causing customers to become impatient. Enter ROTOPIZZA, a rotating prep table that turns pizza making into a speedy process! Thanks to its innovative design and functionality, it reduces customers’ wait times by up to half an hour. ROTOPIZZA ensures a greater efficiency of staff, that no longer has to go back and forth so much in the kitchen.

This new rotating preparation table gives you increased work speeds, putting employees’ work skills to the test. Besides speedy pizza making, ROTOPIZZA also means cold beer, wine and soft drinks. With an average 40-minute wait at peak hours in normal pizzerias with non-rotating prep tables, customers’ drinks become warm during the wait (imagine at peak hours when all the customers are eager to get their hot steamy pizza, and be refreshed by their drinks).
ROTOPIZZA is important with regards to space optimization, because it can be folded up and put in a small nook of the kitchen when needed, allowing you to perform a more thorough cleaning job, for example. Making pizza quickly means getting a lot of flour everywhere; find me a pizza maker who won’t have his hands and arms covered in flour as he stretches out a pizza dough with dozens more on the way. Besides pizzerias with wait service, let’s also talk about take-out pizzerias, where the pizza must be prepared quickly so customers don’t have to stand around and wait—take-out pizzerias are not famous for their size. They might have to wait even outside the pizzeria sometimes, in the cold during winter, or with drinks from the fridge that quickly warm up in summer. This is where ROTOPIZZA excels!
ROTOPIZZA is the quintessential tool for professionals, that guarantees a job well done and a healthy workforce and work environment.

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