Pizzerias exist around the world. Based on size and scope, the kind of pizzas that are made and their target customers, there are various kinds of pizzeria. Usually they can be dine-in pizzerias, with or without a restaurant kitchen to complement the pizza kitchen, take-out pizzerias or a combination of these. Starting a new pizzeria requires the right location, along with the right permits and of course, the proper equipment. The essential list of professional equipment for pizza makers mainly consists of: the oven which can be either wood, gas powered or electric, the dough mixer, pizza peels and preparation tables. As of 2016 there is something new and completely different from standard rectangular prep table in terms of design and operation, the ROTOPIZZA.

It’s an equipment setup for professional pizza makers, centred around a circular prep table which simplifies and speeds up pizza making by a large degree thanks to its controlled rotating action!
The ROTOPIZZA is not as bulky as regular prep tables, and is designed to be folded up and put away at a moment’s notice, while not lacking in terms of sturdy and durable construction! ROTOPIZZA is a professional
toolset for pizza makers made up of three elements sold together or individually:
a foldable square glass table for dough stretching
the rotating prep table proper, with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bin slots
a mobile refrigerated tray for pizza toppings
The ROTOPIZZA is a revolution in the field of professional pizza prep tables. It is modern and it is essential if you want to save time and money (its directional rotating action continuously keeps staff up to speed to get things done in little time), it is convenient because it can be folded up once work is finished and it can be put aside to have more room for dough mixing and cleaning. It’s really convenient and useful at times when you need to move the table to make space for something like the dough mixer or during clean-up. It’s also perfect if you want to make pizzas at a trade show or exhibition. ROTOPIZZA is essential to make work in the kitchen fluid without having people move to and fro excessively, which would make for a chaotic environment for pizza chefs and for waiters who are eager to pick up customers’ orders in a timely fashion. ROTOPIZZA is the ultimate invention in the realm of professional pizza-making equipment, and is what any professional pizza chef needs to get the job done right, conveniently and enjoyably!

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