RotoPizza Table

The Only Pizza Making Table with Controlled Rotation

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How does RotoPizza improve the way you Make Pizza?

RotoPizza greatly enhances your work flow by exploiting even the smallest spaces. Through its controlled rotation it helps you avoid using you back badly and makes the Pizza Making Process super comfortable and really fast! RotoPizza can be folded and rolled away in a few seconds, it’s extremely solid and made to last forever. The structure is relatively lightweight and it fits anywhere.

  1. Maximize your Pizzeria Working Space
  2. Virtually increase your Table Service from 60 to 100 seats
  3. Double your Productivity!
  4. Escalate to Greater Numbers
  5. Boost your Income up to a +40% (peak times)
  6. Cut the Costs of Personnel
  7. Speed up the Client’s Table Service
  8. Work more Comfortably (no back pain!)

…and Much More!


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