RotoPizza Table

The Only Pizza Making Table with Controlled Rotation

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How does RotoPizza improve the way you Make Pizza?

RotoPizza greatly enhances your work flow by exploiting even the smallest spaces. Through its controlled rotation it helps you avoid using you back badly and makes the Pizza Making Process super comfortable and really fast! RotoPizza can be folded and rolled away in a few seconds, it’s extremely solid and made to last forever. The structure is relatively lightweight and it fits anywhere.

  1. Maximize your Pizzeria Working Space
  2. Virtually increase your Table Service from 60 to 100 seats
  3. Double your Productivity!
  4. Escalate to Greater Numbers
  5. Boost your Income up to a +40% (peak times)
  6. Cut the Costs of Personnel
  7. Speed up the Client’s Table Service
  8. Work more Comfortably (no back pain!)

…and Much More!


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Increasing pizzeria productivity

Going out for pizza on weekends, for example, is a way for customers to relax and enjoy themselves after a long week of work. If you think about what happens in the kitchen it’s quite the opposite: the weekend is synonymous with chaos for pizza makers because it’s...

New pizzeria-related patents

From the Agno Valley, in Vicenza, Italy, comes a newly patented tool for the pizzeria sector, thanks to Gigi Poletto. The ROTOPIZZA is the name of the patent for a new kind of pizza preparation table meant for stretching out pizza dough and topping the pizzas off....

Save on labour in your pizzeria

The chaos of a pizzeria’s kitchen is known to those who work in it. It’s difficult to get anything done without impeding someone else’s job. The more confusion there is, the more people are needed to lend a hand to complete jobs left unfinished. This is not really the...

Innovations for pizzerias

There is a great innovation for pizzerias in 2016, called ROTOPIZZA. A rotating preparation table that allows you to work better, both in terms of the speed it takes to stretch out and put toppings on pizzas, and in terms of space utilization. This brand-new kind of...

Everything for take-out pizzerias

Take-out pizzerias are perfect for last-minute lunches and dinners. For those who do not have time, these shops are perfect: call, order pizza and then pick it up or even get it delivered. Therefore, time is of the essence. Enter ROTOPIZZA, a round table which, with...

Tips for an efficient pizzeria

With a new year come new tips for the efficient pizzeria. Enter ROTOPIZZA a rotating preparation table for pizzerias available in three different sizes, depending on the amount of pizzas you want to make at a time (four to six pizzas at a time) and space available....

Complete setup for pizzerias

Starting and sustaining a pizzeria is not an easy task, but with the right means, the work can be very rewarding for you, and why not, even for customers and your wallet! To open a pizzeria, you need to have a pretty well-defined idea of what kind of service you’d...

Equipment for pizza in the square

8- Complete system is made up of three elements sold together or individually: a foldable square glass table for dough stretching, the rotating prep table proper, with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bin slots, plus a mobile refrigerated toppings tray ROTOPIZZA...

A stand for “pizza in the square” or “street pizza”

In the summer people go for ice cream, in the winter they go for chestnuts, but year round people want pizza! Why not open up a temporary pizzeria right in your town square? Now it’s easy with ROTOPIZZA. ROTOPIZZA is a rotating preparation table that is convenient and...

Professional equipment for pizzerias

It’s 2016, and pizza is still one of the most beloved dishes in the world. The ‘margherita’ cheese pizza was popularized at the end of the 18th century and people’s taste in pizza has come a long way since then! Nowadays we can be very creative in...

The necessary tools for opening a pizzeria

In 2016, a good pizza maker needs to have the right equipment to open a new restaurant, from the oven which can be either wood, gas powered or electric, to the dough mixer, to the pizza peel and the prep table. The necessary equipment for opening a pizzeria needs to...

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