Finally, someone invented the ROTOPIZZA, a rotating preparation table system for any pizza maker who wants to speed up work in the kitchen and especially for those pizzerias that don’t have much space to work with. This new, modern piece of equipment is the ultimate solution for pizzerias’ most common problems. ROTOPIZZA is also great for take-out pizza shops, which tend to be small and not have a large staff. ROTOPIZZA is arguably the most useful innovation in pizza making since refrigeration. It is modern and lightweight, yet sturdy and durable at the same time. The complete ROTOPIZZA system is made up of three elements sold together or individually: a foldable square glass table for dough stretching, the rotating prep table proper, with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bin slots, plus a mobile refrigerated toppings tray.

Take-out pizzerias are usually small, and this prep table is well-suited to these because it not only speeds up pizza prep times, but takes up a relatively small space when compared to the usual bulky rectangular surfaces. When you’re done using it you can even fold it up and set it aside to perform cleaning tasks or to use the dough mixer. If you want a modern system to make your take-out pizzeria excel, then ROTOPIZZA is undoubtedly the purchase of the year. It’s a real bargain when considering it can provide a reduction of up to 30 minutes for pizza make times, given the increased efficiency of staff, which no longer has to run to and fro as much in the kitchen. Less time and labour is wasted because everyone must to work together harmoniously at the same sustained pace, even allowing for an increase in oven efficiency by avoiding large fluctuations in temperature! This modern solution for take-out pizzerias can make all the difference for your business, and renders the old-fashioned rectangular prep tables that we find in other unnecessary and cumbersome. Moreover, ROTOPIZZA’s height is adjustable for the perfect height to maintain proper posture while you work, avoiding bad back pain. It comes in three different sizes: a 120 cm model for making four pizzas at a time, a 130 cm model for making five pizzas at a time (the most popular size) and a 140 cm model for making six pizzas at a time. Don’t choose outdated solutions for your pizzeria, take advantage of this modern setup, perfect for take-out pizzerias; ROTOPIZZA is both for those intent on starting a new business and for those who want to evolve and improve an existing one.

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