If you want to start your own specialized restaurant such as making pizzas outside like at the beach or on the street, at the market or at a trade show, don’t need to own two kitchens and double the equipment, because the ROTOPIZZA is mobile, on wheels, and can be easily folded up and moved. It’s also great for large parties. So, what is ROTOPIZZA? It’s an innovative system for the ultimate pizza-making toolset, focused around a prep table with rotating action. It is crucial if you want to work quickly even in spaces that are very limited. Furthermore, ROTOPIZZA is very easy to move in the case that you need to move the pizzeria to a new building that better suits the direction you’d like to evolve your business in (it’s well suited both for a roomier setting or one that is more restricted).

With the ROTOPIZZA system, it’s not necessary to move cumbersome marble slabs or those old rectangular workbenches.
ROTOPIZZA is a mobile kitchen setup for pizza making which is a real leap forward in the catering business. It alleviates issues such as employees’ psychological stress from working in an otherwise tight and claustrophobic kitchen environment. Now with ROTOPIZZA, chefs can focus on their job and do it faster, since they no longer have to move around the room as much. Owning a mobile kitchen setup for pizza making means to have full control of your business, which is more versatile as it can be adapted to any circumstance. Thanks to ROTOPIZZA it’s easy to refresh, rearrange, or renovate the premises; in a nutshell, ROTOPIZZA is a synonym for improvement. ROTOPIZZA is a mobile solution, it’s the pizza making toolset the likes of which you’ve never seen before, designed by people who have been working in this field for many years and who have honed their skills in pushing speed of execution in scenarios bustling with customers and employees.
With ROTOPIZZA work is made better, thanks to its characteristics that let employees work with proper posture to avoid back pain, it’s a mobile pizza making solution that you can fold up easily to move out of the way when it’s time to clean up or use the dough mixer, for example. As a mobile kitchen setup you may even want to rent ROTOPIZZA out when your business is closed for summer vacation when many fairs and events tend to take place. Those who don’t have the means to transport their large cumbersome pizza making equipment can come to you, asking if your ROTOPIZZA setup is available. In a nutshell, this is a multi-functional tool, indispensable for those who loves pizza and loves to satisfy their customers in any kind of setting.

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