For an owner of a pizzeria it’s a difficult task to find the right pizza chef and assistant pizza chef, that are reliable, yet orderly, who can keep calm, and who can manage the kitchen including its other staffers: not a walk in the park! They also need to have a good rhythm of work, but it is not easy to do all of these things together, which is where ROTOPIZZA comes in. It is a rotating preparation table which replaces the old-fashioned rectangular pizzeria prep surfaces, and is essential if you want to increase a pizzeria’s pace work pace without compromising on order and workflow.
This rotating prep table reduces customers’ wait times by about 30 minutes, thanks to greater efficiency of staff, which no longer has to run to and fro as much, both within the kitchen itself and between the kitchen and the customers’ tables.

This new rotating prep table sets an increased work pace that everyone has to work in unison with.
Additionally to the increased work pace in the pizzeria, this table is easy to transport. You can fold it up at a moment’s notice, it’s on wheels and it sports a light yet sturdy build. You won’t find any other tool like ROTOPIZZA whose modern features and characteristics drastically improve pizzerias’ productivity and profitability. ROTOPIZZA increases the pace of work in a pizzeria, it’s space-saving (being able to fold it up and move it means leaving space in the kitchen for any purpose: repainting, moving to a new location, dough mixing/prep, cleaning) and has been designed with a counter that is the right height for maintaining the proper posture during work, to say goodbye to bad back pain!
Now you no longer need to have too many employees, all you need is a good pizza chef with an assistant who wants to learn. ROTOPIZZA does the rest. No other pizzeria tool can do everything ROTOPIZZA does, there is no other way to increase the pace at the pizzeria without crowding the kitchen with pizza makers who have to try hard to get on with their tasks without impeding others.
Customers satisfied to be served quickly and be able to enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza (with the rotating prep system pizzas can get put in at a rate that minimizes temperature fluctuations at the oven floor) that is hot and with a nice cold beer or soft drink that hasn’t warmed up during the wait.

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