Typically work is not thought of as synonymous with comfort: think of the catering business, the chaos in restaurant and pizzeria kitchens where it can be a struggle to get things done well and quickly. These types of businesses have to work closely with hungry customers, who want their dishes served hot and quickly. This can cause discomfort to the employees who need to work to satisfy the customer’s needs. In the kitchen you find yourself constantly bent over the counter stretching out pizzas and topping them in a short period of time, which can often cause back problems.

There is an innovation for pizzerias, however, called ROTOPIZZA, a rotating preparation table that is much more comfortable and effective than traditional means. The complete ROTOPIZZA system is made up of three elements sold together or individually: a foldable square glass table for dough stretching, the rotating prep table proper, with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bin slots, plus a mobile refrigerated toppings tray. The ROTOPIZZA prep table comes in three different sizes: a 120 cm model for making four pizzas at a time, a 130 cm model for making five pizzas at a time (the most popular size) and a 140 cm model for making six pizzas at a time. You can pick the model that best fits in with the size of your kitchen and the desired workflow.
Why does ROTOPIZZA make work so comfortable? The secret is that this particular prep table is built at the optimal height, allowing pizza chefs to get the job done while moving around less. With it you can get most of the work done on the spot without having to run a marathon as you go back and forth in the pizza kitchen. Less moving around and better posture means being able to make 300+ pizzas and without hardly realizing it. In addition to insuring better back health and picking your preferred size, ROTOPIZZA can be folded up and rolled out of the way when needed, allowing you to perform a more thorough cleaning job and take advantage of the space for other tasks, like dough prep for the next day. The ROTOPIZZA is a versatile tool, suitable for any place that helps make work more fluid and engaging as the kitchen’s central hub. With its rotating action, crew-members can minimize time spent each-others’ backs, facilitating communication. No pizza chef will want to work without ROTOPIZZA, the ultimate efficiency solution for pizzerias who want to put a smile on customers’ and employees’ faces. ROTOPIZZA is essential and irreplaceable, no one has ever invented such a promising, efficient tool!

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