Waiting tables at a pizzeria is a job where communication between the kitchen and the customers is important, as well as keeping customers happy and above all quickly served. This is easier said than done, especially during the chaos of the weekend when pizzerias get a huge influx of customers. How can you serve customers more quickly in this kind of situation? The outcome often depends on the way work is done in the kitchen. The answer that makes everything easier, is ROTOPIZZA. To synchronize cooking and pizza making times, ROTOPIZZA leverages its constant-speed rotating system to make pizza chefs work more harmoniously and pushes them to work at the same speed, and therefore doesn’t make the restaurant kitchen wait too long.

ROTOPIZZA reduces the time restaurant chefs spend waiting for the OK to get started on, say, pasta dishes, by about 30 minutes, as well as the time customers have to wait at the table. Thanks to the greater efficiency of staff, it’s no longer necessary for cooks to run to and fro in the kitchen as much, reducing stress and tedium. Waiters can get their customer’s orders to them more quickly (often you find yourself dealing with people who are in a hurry and especially hungry children!), as restaurant chefs and pizza chefs move more focused and at a faster pace. ROTOPIZZA was invented by those who know cookery and pizza making well!
By better synchronizing the pizza kitchen, restaurant kitchen and waiters with ROTOPIZZA, no one will have to wait so long anymore, thus increasing yields and job quality!
Beyond being a great tool that allows you to quickly serve customers, the ROTOPIZZA is very convenient because it doesn’t occupy much space in the kitchen and it can be folded up and moved into a little corner of the kitchen, thus allowing staff to thoroughly clean the work area. It simply promotes a cleaner and more hassle-free environment.
It’s also important to not forget that ROTOPIZZA is very useful for take-out pizzerias that don’t offer waiting service which need to entirely focus on speed in order to not make people wait long in a confined space (which is common in take-out pizzerias) or even outside the building if it’s busy. Serve pizzas quickly is fundamental if you want to maintain a lively and profitable pizzeria and this can only happen if you are in ownership of the awesome ROTOPIZZA.

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