How to overcome the lack of staff in a pizzeria? One problem that many pizzerias are facing, is that there is this hustle and bustle taking up a large kitchen environment. This is troublesome because many of the employees are young people looking to make some extra money and learn a trade. This way, however, an owner or pizza chef is cursed with constantly having to start over with every new boy or girl, explaining to them everything a chef’s assistant needs to know. This cycle is a waste of time and can make the staff as a whole dysfunctional for significant parts of the year. Then in the months where the younger employees begin school again, you have more staff shortages, just when a solid team is needed the most! To make up for such a lack of staff comes ROTOPIZZA, facilitating the work of the pizza chef and chef’s assistant.

The complete ROTOPIZZA system is made up of three elements sold together or individually: a foldable square glass table for dough stretching, a circular rotating preparation table with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bins, plus a mobile refrigerated toppings tray.
Being a continuous chain-like system, the assistant who puts tomato sauce and mozzarella on the pizza crusts no longer has to be an expert employee, so anyone can help the pizza chef who can just work focused on his station at one side of the table where the pizzas are readied for baking.
It’s a very important tool which not only overcomes makes up for a lack of expert crewmembers, but increases the speed of pizza making thanks to the prep table keeping a pace that everyone must keep up with. Then increase in productivity comes with a quality improvement as well as the oven works more efficiently (there are less major fluctuations in moisture between a batch of pizzas and another, so the temperature stays stable), allowing for pizzas to get cooked to perfection. Speeding up pizza make times like this guarantees they arrive to the customers as hot as possible to ensure their maximum satisfaction.
With ROTOPIZZA you can overcome the lack of staff without having a negative impact on yields, indeed, it increases productivity, making work better and more fun, while hiring young workers is no longer such a painful proposition for everyone involved.

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