To be a good pizza chef, you need to know your oven well and master it, as well as the pizza peel and dough mixer, which is essential as it’s used to prepare the foundation for the next day’s pizzas almost every night.
Let’s not forget the preparation table which is absolutely required for stretching out dough and for topping off pizzas, where hands, ingredients and flour are flying, especially during peak hours, such as on weekends! But there is something new in the world of pizzeria equipment, the ROTOPIZZA, a rotating prep table that will help you work quickly and conveniently in any kind of space.

If you want to own the equipment to most successfully start a new pizzeria that works in a more orderly and coordinated manner than most, the ROTOPIZZA is what you need, because it gets the best out of the workforce, and helps employees maintain proper posture.
To open a pizzeria nowadays, not only should you own the right equipment, it is essential to make the most of it if you want to maintain or grow a good customer base. The ultimate pizzeria at this day and age is structured to satisfy the needs of both dine-in and take-out customers and this requires the right speed, rhythm and order. Thanks to ROTOPIZZA all customers will be satisfied in making an order with the knowledge that their pizza will be ready without having to face seemingly infinite wait times during peak hours.
The complete ROTOPIZZA system is made up of three elements sold together or individually: a foldable square glass table for dough stretching, the rotating prep table proper, with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bin slots, plus a mobile refrigerated toppings tray.
The ROTOPIZZA system is the modern, cutting-edge, easy to use, efficient and not cumbersome, your new pizzeria needs. It is new and fun as compared to the usual old-fashioned rectangular prep tables, which just don’t cut it for a pizza place that wants to satisfy a large number of dine-in and take-out customers. The ROTOPIZZA was created by those who know what it means to prepare a large amount of pizzas in no time and they have revolutionized the world of the pizzeria equipment. Now you can forget the old ways of working in pizzerias with the classic bench to make room for ROTOPIZZA to be innovative and modern!

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