Take-out pizzerias are perfect for last-minute lunches and dinners. For those who do not have a lot of time, these shops are perfect: call, order pizza and then pick it up or even get it delivered. Therefore, time is of the essence. Enter ROTOPIZZA, a round table which, thanks to its characteristic controlled rotation, makes pizza prep easy and very fast. It’s the key to success your take-out pizzeria needs! ROTOPIZZA means success for takeaway pizzerias, limiting preparation times, even at small shops which may not have many employees.

The complete ROTOPIZZA system is made up of three elements sold together or individually: a foldable square glass table for dough stretching, the rotating prep table proper, with built-in mozzarella and tomato sauce bin slots, plus a mobile refrigerated toppings tray.
This circular prep table is a piece of equipment well suited for take-out pizzerias Both employees and customers will be satisfied by the quality and effectiveness of this product. It’s difficult and very irritating to have large amounts of work to do with impatient customers waiting, since very often this impatience turns into rudeness. With ROTOPIZZA, both the overall speed of the pizzeria and customer satisfaction can be maximized. Large groups of hungry people will be surprised when they receive their pizzas quickly and at a consistent level of quality, since the first pizzas to be made for an order won’t get cold and gluey while the rest are being made! This equipment for take-out pizza making is all you need to pushes employees to be more productive (its controlled rotation rate makes it necessary for all employees to work in unison, at the same sustained speed). The ROTOPIZZA, is a modern piece of equipment for take-out pizzerias that improves working times, naturally helps weed out unproductive employees, allows to have a more spacious kitchen, and just makes work more fluid and engaging.

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