The world of pizza and pizzerias has been around for years, and has seen quite a few innovations regarding types of dough and toppings, with regular round pizzas and thick-crust pizzas, dine-in pizzerias and take-out pizzerias, but what about those who want to really stand out and evolve, to expand their horizons and increase their visibility? A great idea is mobile pizza vending; street food is gaining in popularity exponentially in recent years, so why not do it with pizza?
The main challenge in setting up such an enterprise I finding equipment that is easy to take on the go. When it comes to finding a prep surface that is up to the task, look no further than ROTOPIZZA, a circular prep table that is extraordinarily useful both during operation and after.

Thanks to its continuous rotating action, it allows you to work faster in even in confined spaces. You won’t find anything like the patented ROTOPIZZA system, that is so well suited for street vending, since it so easily fits in a van! That’s right, you can fold it up at a moment’s notice thanks to its functional build, which is both light and sturdy. The ROTOPIZZA prep table comes in three different sizes: a 120 cm model for making four pizzas at a time, a 130 cm model for making five pizzas at a time (the most popular size) and a 140 cm model for making six pizzas at a time. The ROTOPIZZA is the ideal tool for pizza street vending: it takes advantage of even the most confined spaces (such as a van or truck), meaning you can take it anywhere! Thanks to its controlled rate of rotation, ROTOPIZZA minimizes slowdowns by pushing pizza chefs to work at a more harmonious yet sustained pace, making work not just speedier, but more pleasant and enjoyable! It’s a great tool for those pizzerias that would like to differentiate and that don’t want to be stuck in one location. With ROTOPIZZA you can make lots of pizzas in a small amount of time, without the need for a huge staff, since it reduces the necessary steps required while keeping things organized and well timed, while providing for a comfortable amount of room to work in. It is the ultimate multifunctional pizza-making tool suitable for any type of pizzeria, but it’s the only one that is truly easy to transport. ROTOPIZZA represents a turning point, it goes outside the box of traditional pizzerias allowing anyone to enjoy a nice snack, whether on the street, in the town square, for a fair or at a trade show, everyone’s always going to like pizza!

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