In the summer people go for ice cream, in the winter they go for chestnuts, but year round people want pizza!
Why not open up a temporary pizzeria right in your town square? Now it’s easy with ROTOPIZZA.
ROTOPIZZA is a rotating preparation table that is convenient and easy to use both during preparation and afterwards because its rotating action allows for a fluid workflow which is absolutely unachievable with the old rectangular kind of pizzeria prep table; it’s handy when not in use too, as it can be easily folded up and moved around or stored away whether at a pizzeria, a stand or in the van.

That’s right, ROTOPIZZA is the ideal prep table for making “pizza in the square” because it easily fits into a van! It comes in three different sizes: a 120 cm model for making four pizzas at a time, a 130 cm model for making five pizzas at a time (the most popular size) and a 140 cm model for making six pizzas at a time. ROTOPIZZA is the ideal prep table for making “pizza in the square,” because it optimizes the workflow, even in tight spaces, while being easily transported as it can easily be transported by van or truck! Thanks to its controlled rate of rotation, ROTOPIZZA lets you avoid slow-downs, pushing employees to work at the same uninterrupted pace, while making work more enjoyable and fun! Besides being very easy to fold away in a few seconds, ROTOPIZZA is built with light but sturdy materials, making it perfect to be transported. This is an excellent prep surface for making pizza in novel places, such as in a town square or at a festival, while keeping the budget in mind since it reduces the number of employees needed. This is because ROTOPIZZA takes on much of the work itself by keeping the pace while allowing for people to move more freely and to keep track of what is going on better. It’s a versatile tool for any kind of kitchen, but it’s the only one that is so well-suited to be transported in a van or truck for use as a surface for something like “pizza in the square.” Customers will be fascinated when they see this piece of equipment at a fair or festival, or any time. A rotating prep table with some great pizza chefs working with it with great coordination, at a tight pace, while producing excellent piping hot pizzas for everyone around; think of all the children who will be begging their parents to get their favourite pizza made right there in front of them on the ROTOPIZZA, the rotating pizza prep table for “pizza in the square!”

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